• Save The Date! - 200€00 or free as part of a wedding package.

    A "Getting to know you/Save The Date" shoot is included in all our packages. This can be in your home, in our studio, or on location at a place of your choosing. If you prefer, we can recommend a suitable location or we can scout one for you.

    A Getting to know you shoot is usually fairly informal but it can be absolutely anything you want it to be. It gives us a chance to get to know each other and to discuss what you expect from us, your photographers. As with the wedding itself, both our photographers will be present to ensure we fully understand what your expectations and requirements are.

  • Your engagement - From 200€00

    As with all aspects of getting married, engagement is a very personal thing so the most important quality we at Photography by Kevan bring is flexibility. Whether you're planning a quiet, romantic dinner for two or a lavish party, we can ensure you have photographs to cherish.

    We can also help you plan a surprise proposal. One idea we saw recently was for the photographer to pose as a tour guide at a popular tourist spot and capture the couple as the groom dropped to one knee and popped the question. The only limit is your imagination so drop us a line to see how we can capture your day.

  • EVJF and EVG - From 400€00

    Bachelor/bachelorette parties (also known as EVJF/EVG, or stag and hen parties) are becoming a lot more elaborate and adventurous these days and if you are planning a day or night to remember, we can help. You might want a day at the races, paintballing, or just a luxury night out with all the trimmings - limo, champagne, etc. and we can be there to make sure you have the best memories.

    Ladies - We can also organise a boudoir party for you all, including a bridal boudoir shoot, where you all get a set of pics and a boudoir book to cherish.

  • placeholder

    Bridal Boudoir - 200€00

    A sexy treat for your groom-to-be

    A popular trend for brides-to-be at the moment is to give their future husband a set of boudoir photographs, beautifully presented in a discreet little album and hidden under his pillow the night before the wedding. You might want to give your fiancé a sneak preview of what you'll be wearing under your dress on the big day or maybe wearing just his favourite shirt. Whatever you choose, it'll get his pulse racing in anticipation of your wedding night.

    How about making your EVJF/hen party a little different? We can arrange a boudoir party for you and your friends and provide you all with photo's from the night which will give you a lasting memory of a special evening. As with all our boudoir shoots, these can be as demure or risqué as you want.

    Or maybe a sexy "Trash the dress" shoot after the event? Another popular trend that can be spiced up a little for a private (or not so private if you wish) reminder of your big day.

  • trashing the dress

    Trash the dress - From 200€00

    "Trash the dress"" is a trend that is believed to have originated in the US but is catching on everywhere. It involves the bride wearing her wedding dress in an environment in which it is out of place such as a beach but other locations can include lakes and streams, waterfalls, muddy fields, and abandoned buildings. Or alternatively, the shoot can be in the studio. The dress is "trashed" by getting it wet, dirty, or even tearing, cutting, or destroying it. However, in the great majority of these photo sessions, the dress is not ruined and is easily cleaned.

    The session can also include the bride's husband, the bridal party or flower girl if you wish and can be romantic, elegant, comical, and even sensual.


As well as the shoot, your wedding album plus other products such as photo-books, canvases, and wall-art prints etc. are also available, please ask us for a quote.

Travel and Expenses

If you live more than 40km from Pre en Pail, I'm afraid I will have to ask for a contribution towards travel costs. To ease calculation, I have split the kilométrage charge into bands. For those of you that travel for work, you'll appreciate that the round-trip rates are set at about those allowed by the French tax authorities of 0.568€.

Your appointment confirmation email will advise which band you should select. The kilométrage charge should be paid along with your deposit.

kilométrage bands

Please be aware that for anything over 160km transport costs and expenses are to be agreed before your booking will be accepted but they are likely to also incur accommodation costs as well.

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